Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery & Wavetec ORA



Rockville Eye Physicians is proud to be one of the first ophthalmology practices to use the revolutionary Catalys Laser to perform laser assisted cataract surgery.

During traditional cataract surgery, a metal blade is used to create incisions in the surface of the eye to gain access to the internal components.

The Catalys laser is FDA-approved for cataract surgery. The Catalys laser is used to create precise incisions on the surface of the eye (cornea), to form the opening on the surface of the cataract (capsulotomy), and to soften the cataractous lens material (phacofragmentation).

the purpose of catalys

  • Replace many of the manual instruments and techniques currently used during cataract surgery with a precise, computer-guided laser device.

  • Help alleviate a condition known as astigmatism by creating one or two precise incisions in the cornea, which may lead to sharper vision after surgery.

Wavetec ORA


Wavetec ORA is a computer guided optical device. It is an optional procedure and is used to rapidly take 40 measurements of your eye before the lens implant is selected during your cataract operation. This procedure increases the chance that the best lens implant power will be selected to help reduce the need for glasses to achieve your vision goals.