Refractive Services

Glasses Prescriptions

A refraction is a procedure to determine your eye glasses prescription. The charge for this procedure at Rockville Eye Physicians is $65. Medical insurance plans, including Medicare, do not pay for refractions. We do not accept vision plans, which may cover a refraction procedure if you get it done with a provider who participates in your vision plan.


A contact lens exam is an optional service and can be performed at a patient’s request. Please bring your contact lenses and prescription on the day of exam if you currently wear them.

This service includes:

  • Contact lens training for first time wearers, if needed.

  • Evaluation, fitting, and contact lens prescription by the doctor.

  • 2 visits: 1 initial visit and 1 follow-up visit within 30 days, if needed.
    Each additional visit after the first 2 visits will have a $90 charge.

Please note that the cost of contact lenses is not included in the following contact lens exam fees and that if the contact lens fitting is not successful, physician fees will still apply.

Initial Contact Lens Exam Soft Contacts $250
Spherical hard/RGP contacts $400
Annual Renewal Contact Lens Exam Annual Soft Contact Lens Exam $90
Annual RGP Contact Lens Exam $190
Needs or desires to change soft contact lens type
(e.g. to Multifocals, monovision, or toric)
Specialty Contacts Lens Exam
(Initial or Annual)
Keratoconus $500/eye
RGP Toric (Astigmatism) or Multifocal $500/eye
Annual RGP Toric or multifocal lens exam with need of new lens. Annual exam required for RGP replacement. $250/eye