LASIK and PRK Surgery

At Rockville Eye Physicians, Dr. Frank offers a free consultation, pre- and post-operative care for patients having LASIK and PRK eye surgeries.


LASIK is a popular and effective outpatient laser procedure for correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The need for glasses and contacts can be eliminated or significantly reduced depending on your age and individual eye condition. LASIK is a remarkable procedure that can result in dramatic improvement in your visual function.


LASIK and PRK are both vision correction procedures that involve reshaping the cornea, which is the clear front part of the eye. PRK is actually the predecessor to LASIK eye surgery. LASIK and PRK differ in technique and recovery process, but both of them can provide excellent visual outcomes. A detailed eye examination with a doctor will help determine which procedure is best for you.    


A computer-guided femtosecond laser is focused just below the surface of the cornea, where its pulses create tiny bubbles. Once many overlaying bubbles are formed, the surface layer is partially detached from the underlying layer. This creates a flap that can be pulled back, allowing the middle layer of the cornea to be reshaped with an excimer laser. After the procedure, the flap is put back into place and the cornea will begin to heal within hours.



Unlike LASIK, PRK surgery does not involve the creation of a flap in order to access the inner layer of the cornea. Instead, the surface layer of the cornea is gently removed in order to expose the underlying cornea that will then be reshaped with an excimer laser. Within about one week after surgery, the surface layer of the cornea that was removed will regenerate itself and grow back.     



The end results of LASIK and PRK are very similar, but because they are performed differently, they have different recovery processes. In LASIK, the surface layer of the cornea is temporarily moved out of the way as the cornea is reshaped with a laser, while in PRK, the surface layer is removed completely before reshaping occurs. Because of this, vision may take longer to reach full clarity after PRK.


LASIK has been very popular due to rapid visual recovery and minimal discomfort.  Most patients can return to driving and work in 1-3 days.  After surgery, Dr. Frank will see you for post-operative care for one year to ensure that your eyes are healing properly.


The total cost of the procedure is $5,500 for both eyes including pre-operative care and post-operative care for one year after surgery.  The payment is due on the day of surgery to TLC Laser Eye Center. Convenient financing programs are available through TLC if desired.