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New Technology

Rockville Eye Physicians is proud to offer cutting edge technology to our patients. Our practice utilizes state-of-the-art technology to give our patients the best possible outcomes in cataract and vision correction surgery. The following links will provide you with more information about the exciting new technology we use at Rockville Eye Physicians.

Wavetec Ora

The Wavetec ORA, optiwave refractive analysis, is a revolutionary device used in cataract surgery that allows surgeons to customize your post-operative vision intraoperatively. This new technology helps surgeons select the best lens implant for each unique patient. The ORA is highly recommended for patients who have previously undergone LASIK or PRK to improve their cataract surgery results.

Catalys Laser

The Catalys laser is a precise, computer-guided device that can replace some of the manual instruments and techniques that are currently used in cataract surgery. This technology is an alternative to using a metal blade. By creating precise incisions in the cornea, the Catalys laser can help alleviate a condition known as astigmatism and lead to better uncorrected vision after surgery.

Allegretto EX500 Laser

The Allegretto EX500 Laser for LASIK is a new laser device and the only one of its kind to operate at 500 Hz, which can decrease the time of the procedure to approximately 1.4 seconds per diopter. This innovative laser system can adjust refractions more precisely than any previous device and lead to the best visual outcomes for our Washington, DC area patients.