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Catalys Laser

Rockville Eye Physicians is proud to be one of the first ophthalmology practices to use the revolutionary Catalys Laser to perform laser assisted cataract surgery

Cataract Laser Surgery, Catalys

The Catalys laser is an FDA approved alternative to using a metal blade to create precise incisions in the cornea and cataract.

What are the benefits of Catalys?

The purpose of the Catalys laser is to replace some of the manual instruments and techniques currently used during cataract surgery with a precise, computer-guided laser device. The Catalys laser may also help alleviate a condition known as astigmatism by creating one or two precise incisions in the cornea, and may lead to better uncorrected vision after surgery.

How is Catalys performed?

The Catalys procedure is performed in a comfortable and relaxed laser suite, and has some similarities to the commonly performed LASIK refractive surgery. Anesthetic drops are placed on the surface of the eye. A docking system is then gently applied to the eye using mild suction for stabilization. The Catalys laser procedure is generally painless, however mild pressure or discomfort may be experienced.

For more information, or to see if the Catalys laser is right for you, please contact Rockville Eye Physicians.